Effectiveness of CPA Video Advertising

Video advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising ever made, something that comes next to print advertising. The commercials you see in TV are concrete examples of video adverts. Since video adverts are considered as more effective than print advertising, online marketers have adopted the system in every possible manner.Apart from the medium, internet advertising is classified on the basis of pricing techniques. There is lot of flexibility when it comes to internet buying and selling. Here everyone can choose what they need and eliminate the rest. This makes things more cost efficient and targeted. Even the advertisers have to pay only if their advertisements are in demand. In other words, if no one watches your ad, you don’t have to spend on it. This is the reason why methods like Pay Per Click and Pay Per Lead advertising became so popular. As time went on the system became more goal specific. Now advertisers would pay the host only if someone buys their product or expresses an interest in buying or hiring their services. This method is technically known as Cost Per Action marketing. It is a more specific online marketing technique where the advertiser pays the ad network only if someone responds to his advertisement.CPA video advertising is far more effective than other mediums like banner or image ads. Through a video ad you can display the functional attributes of a product or service but in a banner or image you can only show a motionless perception of the same.The cost payable on every action recorded by the company in response to a CPA ad is far higher than that of a Cost Per Click ad. However, the ad networks may not gain frequent revenues from CPA system as in the case of Cost Per Click.The revenue prospects of CPA video advertising are dependent on lot of external factors. Primarily, it depends on the quality of the video, its content and presentation. If the viewer is not convinced or impressed by the demonstration or explanation put forth by a video, he wouldn’t take any action. He might view the video, click through it, view the landing pages and then quit. And in the entire process no one is benefited, neither the advertiser, nor the ad network.CPA video advertising is also dependent on the company’s overall online presence and performance. After viewing the ad, the viewer must not only visit the advertiser’s landing page or portal but also be promoted to register himself as an interested customer. In other words, it all depends on the conversion of a viewer into a customer. This requires lot of optimization and parallel promotional activities on the part of the advertiser.In short, CPA video advertising can be effective based on the quality and impact of the advert, plus the support of other parallel marketing techniques.